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Welcome to Port Foody. This is a bit of a soft launch, or better, this is a taste of what’s to come from Port Foody. In the early fall of 2017 we will be rolling out something a little more formal but with all of the wonderful happenings foodwise in Port Moody, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Way back in the early days of the city, in the years following the arrival of Colonel Moody and his Sappers in 1858, Port Moody has been a centre of hospitality and the arts of entertaining in this part of the world. Over the past decade, the city has been reinvigorated by the arts and creative enterprise as it has by a growing number of independent restaurants, brewers and other purveyors of fine food and drink. Port Moody’s unique natural landscape is matched by its distinctive cultural landscape.

With so much going on, Port Foody will have enough to talk about independent food and beverage makers, doers, eaters and imbibers without having to spend much time on the (thankfully) few chain restaurants in Port Moody. But here, to overplay a pun, is a taste of what you will find on portfoody.com:

  • We will no doubt make frequent visits to Brewer’s Row on Murray, Port Moody’s creative street, to profile the city’s creative brew masters. (We’ll likely stop to chat with the many artist’s, artisans, craftspeople and skilled trades people we meet along the way.)
  • Not only will we tell stories of the tastes we experience we will go behind the scenes to tell the stories of the tastemakers.
  • We will endeavour to provide exclusive advance notice of new menus, new restaurants and new purveyors of fine foods.
  • Our writers and editors will search out and meet some of the many producers, ranchers, green grocers, farmers &c. who supply the ingredients (and often the inspiration) to the fine people who make and sell the food that we eat and the drinks that we drink.
  • While our focus is decidedly on the burgeoning food culture of Port Moody, people from here go out for food elsewhere too. Our writers will venture around to our neighbours to see what is worth checking out in places like New Westminster, Burnaby, Langley and others but always from our unique Port Moody perspective.
  • With so much expertise and so much diversity in this city, we will consult with the fishmongers, restauranteurs, chefs, sommeliers, butchers and bartenders for ideas for distinctive pairings of beer, wine and spirits for their or your menus.
  • Our plans do not include proffering recipes here on Port Foody. (We never say never.)
  • We are not, and do not intend to be, restaurant or food critics but we will pay attention to all of the details – a server who goes above and beyond, a busboy with a certain panache, distinctive design and more – of the places where we do our eating and drinking.

Follow Port Foody on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google and visit portfoody.com over the coming weeks to learn more about Port Foody and our plans for more features launching in the fall of 2017.