A City of Fantastic Tastes


In 2001 the City of Port Moody set out an ambitious vision to create a City of the Arts that would bring together artists, artisans, fine craftspeople, skilled trades and creative people of all stripes. Of course, any City of the Arts is going to develop a terrifically tasty food culture and over the past decade things here have really taken off.

A portion of Murray Street, Port Moody’s creative street has come to be known as Brewer’s Row with four breweries located within, around, and between creative work spaces and within a short walk to Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park (home to some fantastic ice cream) and Port Moody’s Shoreline Park and Trail (no other city has a waterfront like this).

With the growing number and success of the independent food and drink establishments over the last few years, in 2017 it was clear that now was the time to celebrate Port Moody’s vibrant food culture alongside its culture of arts and creative enterprise. And if 2017 was the right time, Port Foody was certainly the right name.